A new public health tool to reduce the burden of malaria in infants

IPTi is under review by the WHO to be issued as a recommendation for the control of malaria in infants in areas of moderate to high malaria transmission.
IPTi has been investigated in 8 double-blinded randomised-controlled clinical trials in Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique, Kenya and Gabon, and is being implemented on a pilot basis by UNICEF in Ghana, Malawi, Madagascar, Benin, Mali and Senegal.

IPTi is being investigated in Papua New Guinea and results are expected in mid 2010.

Press release on the IPTi publications in The Lancet in September 2009

Press release for the general public

"Malaria Control Method Could Prevent 6 million New Infant Cases"
The Lancet publishes new findings showing 30% reduction in babies under 12 months using a WHO- recommended approach, but few African countries have adopted it

Press release for the medical and scientific community

"Meta-Analysis Demonstrates that Intermittent Preventive Treatment in Infants with Sulfadoxine-Pyrimethamine Reduces Malaria Episodes by 30%"
Results published in The Lancet extend earlier findings on safety and efficacy of novel malaria control tool

IPTi media malaria factsheet
Contact information

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